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Container Search, also known as Engaged Search, offers a middle ground between the certainty of Retained Search and the performance-driven nature of Contingency Search. This hybrid model is designed to balance the interests of recruiters and clients, providing upfront commitment with success-based final payment.

What is a Container Search?

A Container Search is a recruitment model where the recruiter receives a partial fee upfront for their efforts and the remainder of the fee upon the successful placement of a candidate. This model ensures recruiters are compensated for their initial time and resources while still incentivizing them to complete the placement successfully. For clients, it offers a commitment to the search process without the full upfront cost of a Retained Search, securing dedicated effort from the recruiter with less financial risk.

Key Benefits

    • Reduced Financial Risk for Clients: Clients appreciate the reduced upfront investment compared to a full Retained Search, providing flexibility and lowering financial commitment.
    • Guaranteed Engagement for Recruiters: The upfront payment ensures recruiters are not working without compensation, offering a financial foundation for the search effort.
    • Mutual Commitment: This model fosters a stronger partnership between recruiters and clients, as both parties have financial skin in the game, leading to more focused and responsive collaboration.
    • Incentivized Performance: Recruiters are motivated to fulfill the placement successfully to receive the full fee, aligning their goals with those of the client.


    • Q: Is Container Search suitable for all industries?
      • A: Container Search can be effectively applied across various industries, especially where roles are challenging to fill, and a dedicated recruitment effort is necessary.
    • Q: How is the upfront fee determined in a Container Search?
      • A: The upfront fee is typically a percentage of the estimated total fee or based on a mutual agreement between the recruiter and the client, reflecting the level of effort required for the search.
    • Q: Can the terms of a Container Search be customized?
      • A: Yes, the specific terms, including the upfront fee percentage and total fee arrangement, can be tailored to suit the unique needs of both the recruiter and the client.


The Container Search model offers a balanced approach for recruiters and clients, providing financial security and dedicated effort with a success-based reward structure. It embodies a partnership model that values both the recruiter’s expertise and the client’s investment, making it a preferred choice for many in today’s dynamic recruitment landscape.

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