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Average User Rating of 4.5/5

Based on 380 Reviews

Average User Rating of 4.5/5

Based on 380 Reviews

Average User Rating of 4.5/5

Based on 380 Reviews

Average User Rating of 4.5/5

Based on 380 Reviews

Top Echelon Recruiting Software is rated 4.5/5 based on 380 reviews on

“Big Biller is a Big Deal if you want great recruiting software. Whether you are looking for a software system for a single user shop or a larger multi recruiter business, every search and placement professional should look at Top Echelon’s Big Biller software. Very easy to learn – very easy to use and the price is right. While I understand advanced and modern updates are coming – the existing system works great. The training and help support are fabulous! Some fields may be customized to your industry. My only issue with the software is I would like to drag and drop some items. But I have to believe that is coming.”

Walt Laughlin

USA Executive Search, LLC

“A terrific tool for a solo recruiter. I have used a couple of other recruiting software packages in the past and this one is by far the best. It easily keeps track of all facets of the recruiting and contact management processes in a seamless manner. The customer support has always been terrific and very timely and the ongoing training series have been invaluable.”

Jeff King


“We’ve been a customer of TE’s Big Biller for many years and won’t even consider changing. Our initial set up and transfer of data was seamless and we have found the tech support to be excellent every time. Great product with great people and great support!”

Jana Rugg

Ridgemont Resources, Inc.

“There are some features that can be added- such as the mile radius search needs to increase- perhaps 100 – 200 miles / – can I check with my team and get back to you – on the features we would like you to add.”

Ila Choudhary

DBSI Services

“Great software! The Big Biller application is easy to use and easy to train my staff on. The searching and adding features are exceptional. I would recommend this application to anyone looking for a recruitment tracking solution. The customer service is awesome too!”

Vilma Rodriguez

Tesinc, LLC

“Your software gives me the ability to keep accurate records, find information quickly and plan my days, weeks and months easily.”

Paul Samoheyl

Landon Consultant

“It is very easy to understand and to start working with. If you understand the business it really helps. There doesn’t seem to be a way to customize it but for the price who could ask for more.”

Victoria Kennison

Sterling St James LLP

“Rookie User! I joined this industry about the middle of this year. This software has been incredibly useful. Whenever I have had questions, there has been quick support to answer those questions. The training webinars have been educational and quite often information that I would share with our company at weekly meetings. Go forward and do well!”

Maggie Williams

People Resources

“Overall your ATS is a good product that offers good functionality and a good value. I would recommend upgrading your email platform.”

Sam Riley

OPS Staffing

“It is really easy and extremely helpful. I had a license from our company for several years but avoided using Big Biller for a long time thinking I do not need it and it was maybe just a pain. Kind of “old dogs do not need to learn new tricks” . Once it was made mandatory to use, I found it so good that I wish I had not wasted so long to just do it as I know I would have made more money. For now I want to become even better at BB. I am pretty good but I know if I master it, I will make even more placements.”

Thomas Sisti

 Perfect Fit Placement

“The response for setting up my logo for my email signature was within a minute or less!! WOW and Thank you!!!”

Michelle Hughes

Hughes Recruiting

“I have loved [Top Echelon] from the start! After investigating various software – we determined Big Biller was right for us. It was good when we started and it has even improved since then. The pipeline is one of my favorite enhancements. I also like the reporting capabilities and the ability to keep up with what my team is doing.”

Georgette Sandifer

Gallman Consulting

“THE BEST OF THE BEST. As the VP of a 30 year old firm, we have worked with MANY softwares over the years and I have found that ALL have their pros and cons with adjustments that need to be made. I have come to realize that the MOST important aspect of a GOOD software is its customer support team and BIG BILLER IS THE BEST!!! Even on the WEEKENDS their team is quick to respond and resolve any issue with excellent customer service, including providing suggestions to free programs not affiliated with their firm that can help serve the needs of its customers. All in all, this will quickly be one of your best choices either for personal use, or by your team. My favorite feature is their candidate import system that is by far one of the best in the business. And don’t even get me started on their “pipeline” system. Simply amazing Big Biller. Well done.”

Jace Ryan

Holden Managment

“Big Biller allows you to input data and find information quickly!! Love that you can find everything you need all on one page and can share to the network VERY easily! We are still somewhat new to TE and need to take time to really research what all Big Biller really needs to offer. So far our experience has been great, and the customer service is efficient!”

Katy Paulsen

Byrnes & Rupkey, Inc.

“Excellent front office software. We are a fairly small staffing agency (7 users) and recently migrated from Bullhorn and Akken into Big Biller and couldn’t be happier with the ease of use, customer service and especially price. I highly recommend this ATS to anyone looking for a simple, straight forward software to streamline the process from recruitment to placement. My only regret is that we spent all that money on the other 2 ATS before finding Big Biller.”

Derek Cirino

Ace Employment Services, Inc.

“Great service and simple but powerful system. I am really enjoying Big Biller. It is very fast compared to Sendouts (our last system) which is especially important due to our slow internet connection. Very straightforward. Training has been excellent and Chris and Tyler in Support are super! Fast, responsive and friendly.”

Tim Davis

Step Up Recruiters

“There are several things I like about Big Biller. I like the ease of parsing a resume. I like the ease of updating a file. Very easy to learn and use.

I do not like some of the search features. In previous databases we used it had more options on the search.”

Lori Miller

Gregg Greven & Associates

“I’ll start by saying we are a senior level national recruiting firm. We are a group of 15 full cycle senior recruiters and have used a variety of CRM’s tailored around our industry already; PC Recruiter, Act!, Gofer and I forget what others we’ve had. Big Biller is by far the easiest and most practical we’ve used to date. We’ve barely started using it and already it has proven to be a very easy to use and useful tool. We recently converted from Gofer to Act! hosted and after a month of struggling with Act! we switched to Big Biller because of how poor Act! was supporting us. This brings up a very import asset to converting to Big Biller. Our conversion support we received from Big Biller was amazing. Their tech support is spot on. They made it seamless and were quick about it. Moving forward, their training is also a huge asset. They provide hands on training as well as follow up. Act! hosted was a total failure in so so many ways. Even while we were going through our conversion from Gofer to Act! we found one issue after another. Our rep actually erroneously forwarded a complaint of a web hosted client having extensive drop offs. Our rep emailed our principal of our organization thinking she was emailing their tech support person saying that they are having a lot of complaints on fall offs & disconnects for the month and wanting tech support. Once again, one example after another that just was not acceptable so we bounced out quickly and found Big Biller. Our practice has been in operations for over 15 years so we have explored a variety of CRM resources. At this point, Big Biller is by far the easiest and most practical we have utilized.”

Jim Cristerna

Clark and Company

“Bill Biller Rocks! I have been a user of Big Biller for at least 5 years and find it the best software for recruiters on the market. It is seamless to use with other programs like Outlook and posting jobs to our web page is easy. Highly recommend Big Biller to any serious recruiting agency.”

Bruce Widnes

The Recruiting Group, Inc.

“We are in the beginning stages of utilizing big biller as our software, but it is very efficient. I researched multiple ATS software programs and Big Biller offered the most value for the price. I had no idea initially that we could implement mass marketing emails and the full spectrum of generating reports, metrics and tracking.

Both Tory Tucker and Hannah Laps have made themselves available at every request, and have exercised the utmost of professionalism and patience while we are in our learning curve. I love the online webinars offered twice a week, and so do my recruiters. They jump on Fridays training often for refresher courses. We still have a lot to learn as soon as we go live, but I know I have a strong support system for when we hit the wall.

Also, the team at Hiring Hook have been brilliant in our Logo Design and Website Design, we could not be happier!!”

Colleen Brennan

Golden Rule Recruiters, LLC

“Fantastic if you are a 3rd party recruiter!

Pros: Big Biller really makes an external recruiter’s job much easier whether you do perm placement or contract.

Cons: You can only parse 25 resumes at a time.

Recommendations to other buyers: It takes a while to catch on so give it a full 30 days.”

Melanie Stern


“Perfect for what we need!!!

Pros: Ease of doing business.

Cons: Outlook add in needs fixing.

Recommendations to other buyers: Very easy to use. There is nothing I would add or change about this software and if there was they are continuing to improve and take suggestions.”

David Havlish

Havlish Management

“Pros: Ease of Use and Top Echelon Training & Support.

Cons: Set up & ramp up would have been been better if we had worked more closely with their staff, but it was very intuitive and easy to use.

Recommendations to other buyers: When starting with the package, be patient & review the all video training sessions first. It will ultimately save you time in the long run. But it was so easy to use it is tempting to skip right into daily usage.”

Pete Mackin

Oak Peak Advisory Group

“Pros: It works! ???? The parsing efficiency is VERY high. Great add-on tools, like the job postings. Great functionality.

Cons: It looks and feels antiquated when compared to other ATS’s. Wish there were more customizable and larger call-to-attention areas.”

Tasha Burks

T. Burks & Associates

“Five-star platform for any recruiter in any industry.”

Verified Reviewer

Human Resources

“Used daily to keep my desk organized as best as possible. The pipeline feature is very helpful in managing candidates in a search. Also, the download feature from LI Recruiter is helpful.”

Brenda W.


“I recommend [Top Echelon] without reservation. The software is very user-friendly and the customer service team is truly exceptional. Best decision our firm made was choosing [Top Echelon]!”

Driedra B.


“I have used a couple of other recruiting software packages in the past and this one is by far the best. It easily keeps track of all facets of the recruiting and contacts management processes in a seamless manner.”

Jeff K.

Principle Recruiter

“It is easy to use and navigate through. There are multiple functions to use when searching. Anytime our company has requested change to make our job easier they have accommodated our request.”

Amy L.

Research Assistant

“Excellent….superb….quite great. I was reluctant to change from my told CRM but the move to [Top Echelon] has been a revelation and my team is extremely pleased with the change…so am I!”

Jack F.

Managing Director

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