05/22/2018 – Top Echelon Recruiting Software Product Updates

At Top Echelon, we’re continually working to make Top Echelon Recruiting Software the best that it can be. That’s why we’re pleased to present the latest updates and upgrades to the software as of 5/22/18:

1. “Select all” functionality has been added to the Pipeline. This will allow you to quickly take an action on all records within a specific view.

2. A number count has been added to the Furthest Stage column on the Jobs Dashboard. This will allow you to see how many candidates are in the furthest stage of your Pipelines.

3. A change has been made to Placement Reports. The Start Date is now the primary metric for the Timeframe filter on this report. Therefore, when logging placements, you must enter a Start Date for the placement to display on your future Placement Reports.

 Work phone numbers will now be automatically added to new employees on that record. This will save time when adding new contacts to existing company records.