06/25/2019 – Top Echelon Recruiting Software Product Updates

At Top Echelon, we’re continually working to make Top Echelon Recruiting Software the best that it can be. That’s why we’re pleased to present the latest updates and upgrades to the software as of 06/25/2019:

1. Country Searching for People and Companies: International candidates, contacts, and companies are now easy to sort through and find with the new Country search field on the Advanced Search page.

2.Improved Sent Items searching on the Email Dashboard: We’ve removed the limit on returned Sent Items on the Email Dashboard to make previously sent emails more accessible.

3. Company LinkedIn posting has been restored: Job Board users can once again post to their company LinkedIn page from the Job Advertising interface.

4. Inline Edit record titles: You can now change the Title or Name of a record directly from the datasheet, instead of using the Full Edit screen.

5. Recorded Activities immediately update in Hotlists and Pipelines: After recording Activities from a Hotlist or Pipeline, you’ll no longer need to refresh the page to have the activity appear in the Last or Next Activity columns.

6. Activities scheduled on Planner Day View default to that day: When viewing a past or future day on the Planner’s Day View, any newly created Activities will default to that date for convenience.

7. New Delete Attachments permission: We’ve separated the Delete Records permission into two permissions: Delete Records and Delete Attachments. Administrators can now restrict a user from specifically deleting attached files from a record.