11/01/2019 – Top Echelon Recruiting Software Product Updates

At Top Echelon, we’re continually working to make Top Echelon Recruiting Software the best that it can be. That’s why we’re pleased to present the latest update to the software as of 11/01/2019:

1. Ability to set up a dedicated texting number: Top Echelon Recruiting Software’s new text messaging feature allows you to subscribe to a dedicated phone number (or multiple) to send texts to People in your database.

2. Ability to send and receive text messages: Once your dedicated number has been established, you can begin sending text messages to candidates and/or contacts through Top Echelon Recruiting Software. Text messages can be sent on an individual basis to any mobile phone number on a Datasheet, or from a list. The outgoing messages are logged as Activities to the corresponding record, and when your dedicated number receives any reply texts, the incoming message will be logged to Top Echelon Recruiting Software as well.

3. New text message user permissions:

  • Each dedicated phone number will be “assigned” to a specific user on your account. However, with the proper permissions, a user is able to send from someone else’s phone number.
  • Each dedicated texting phone number has an associated recurring monthly charge. With the proper permissions, you can cancel a number/subscription at any time through the software.