Adding an Attachment to a Record

Top Echelon Recruiting Software gives you the ability to upload attachments to records within your database. Attachments can be saved to People, Company, or Job Order records.

This function is most commonly used to store resumes, but can also be used to store other important documents such as cover letters, copies of certifications, client contracts, fee agreements, job descriptions, etc.

To attach a document to a record in Top Echelon Recruiting Software:

  • Navigate to the corresponding Person, Company or Job Order record
  • Click on the Attachments tab in the top left corner of the page

  • Drag and drop the new attachment in the upload box at the top of the page OR click the Browse button to review and select the appropriate document from your hard drive.

  • You’ll see a green slide-out in the bottom left corner of the screen confirming that the upload was successful

  • Once the attachment has successfully uploaded, you can edit the description, preview the document, delete the attachment, mark it as the current resume or profile image, or email the document right from this page