Adding a Related Company

The Company database in Top Echelon Recruiting Software is used to manage your leads, prospects, and active clients. To further organize your Company records, a parent/child relationship can be established if that client has additional locations, departments, subsidiaries, etc.

Once each of the “child” companies has been entered in Top Echelon Recruiting Software, they can be linked and related to a parent Company as necessary.

To add a related Company:

  • Navigate to the child Company record
  • Locate the Related Companies card and click the pencil icon in the top right corner to inline edit

  • Enter the Parent Company name into the corresponding field
    • Select the appropriate parent from the autocomplete drop-down

  • Click the Save button when complete

  • You’ll now see the relationship within the Related Companies card on both the parent and the child record moving forward

Parent record:

Child record: