Allowing or Restricting a User from Sending Email As Other Users

Top Echelon Recruiting Software’s emailer allows you to send outgoing emails right from the software. You can send these as standard emails, or in a mass format.

By default, all new users have the ability to select any other user’s email address as the FROM address on an message sent through Top Echelon Recruiting Software’s emailer.

Please note that the ability to set email sending permissions is restricted to only those users that have permission to manage users.

To allow or restrict a user from sending email as other users:

  • Expand the Sidebar in the top right corner of the software and click on the Settings icon 
  • Click to expand the My Agency section and then select Manage Users

  • All users on the account will populate on the left side of the Manage Users page
  • Click on the edit icon  to the right of the person you wish to set email sending permissions for

  • Under the user’s Permissions on the right side of the User Profile, click to expand the Email section
  • To the right of Allowed to Send Email as Another User, set the appropriate permission
    • Yes = this user can send email FROM any other user’s email address within your firm
    • No = this user cannot send email FROM any other user’s email address within your firm
  • Make sure to click the Save button in the bottom left corner once your changes have been made