Assigning a Job Order Priority

The Priority field on Job Order records is used to assign a level of importance to each of your Open Job Orders. Importance can be determined by a number of factors, but may include things like potential revenue, how quickly the client is looking to fill the position, your overall relationship with the client, etc.

Adding a priority to a Job allows you to designate it as an A, B, or C order with A being the highest level of importance. If no order priority is selected, this field will default to a priority of Not Specified.

Utilizing this field will allow you to sort all of your Open Jobs by Priority on the Jobs Dashboard

Priority can be assigned from the add screen of a new Job Order, as an inline edit to the General card on an existing Job’s Datasheet, or from the Open Jobs view of the Jobs Dashboard. 

To assign Priority at the time a Job is entered:

  • From the Add a Job page, enter all necessary details and navigate to the General card on the left side of the page
  • Click to expand the Priority drop-down to assign an A, B, or C priority to this Job Order
    • Remember, this can always be updated at a later date if the priority changes at any time
  • Click the Save button in the bottom left corner of the page once all of the Job details have been entered

priority settings of a job recruitment software

To assign or change Priority the Job’s Datasheet:

  • Navigate to the corresponding Job’s Datasheet
  • Locate the General card and click the pencil icon in the top right to inline edit the Priority field

Add priority to existing job in Top Echelon Recruiting Software

  • Click to expand the Priority drop-down menu
  • Select the appropriate Priority from the list and click the Save button when complete

priority settings in ATS software

To assign or change Priority from the Jobs Dashboard:

  • Navigate to Jobs in the Main Navigation Bar
  • Within the Open Jobs view, select the Job(s) that you wish to update using the checkboxes to the left of each Job Title
  • Click to expand the action icon and select Change Priority

  • When prompted, select the new Priority you wish to assign to the selected Jobs
  • Click the Confirm button when complete