Top Echelon Recruiting Software Legacy Conversion Guide (Part 1)

Now that we’ve brought all of your information over to the new version, we want to make sure you can pick up where you left off! Below you’ll find a video providing a quick tour of where to find familiar features and your existing data, followed by links to our guides for each.

After you have a good handle on how to find the features you already know, head on over to our Top Echelon Recruiting Software Legacy Conversion Guide Part 2 to let us show you some of the new features!

Below are links to the corresponding feature guides in the order in which they’re referenced in the video:


  • All of your data is still here for you! The navigation tabs have been moved to the top left corner of the software, and the add button and Quick Find have been moved to the top right. Additionally, you’ll find your new Sidebar (three horizontal dots) in the top right, which gives you access to Top Echelon Recruiting Software tools and lists such as Hotlists, Settings, and Help, to name a few.

Adding and Managing People, Companies, and Jobs


  • The Quick Find box in the top right corner of the software is still the best way to find a specific record on the fly by typing in a name, title, phone number, or email address.
  • Want to run a more detailed keyword search? Simply navigate to the corresponding People, Company, or Jobs Dashboard to enter your search criteria at the top of the page, run the search, and manage the results list from there.
  • Saved searches were not converted from the legacy version because many of the search options have changed.



  • Pick up right where you left off on your Jobs within the corresponding Pipeline tab at the top of each record.
  • You’ll notice that the Pipeline still has an “All” view, which is very similar to the Pipeline format you’re familiar with, but several other view options have been added as well. Candidates who have not yet been reviewed/qualified will flow to the Inbox view. This is also where you’ll now review all new Job Board and Job Posting nominations.
  • You can continue to add additional records to your Pipelines as you work the Job.


  • Access your Planner, and all of your corresponding Activities, in the top left of the Main Navigation Bar. There, you’ll find a drop-down to switch between your Day, Week, Month, and All Overdue views.
  • Just be sure to allow browser notifications if you wish to receive reminders of important upcoming scheduled Activities.


  • You can still send emails on an individual basis, or in a mass format directly from your database. Just make sure to select the appropriate Email Type in the compose window, because this verbiage has changed a bit:
    • standard email is similar to sending out a message from your typical email inbox, in that all recipients will be able to see who else is receiving the message as a group
    • mass email prevents each recipient from seeing the other recipients for the message
  • Review your sent items and email stats from the Email Dashboard in the top left of the Main Navigation Bar. From this same page, you can also create and manage your Email Signatures and Email Templates.
  • When sending an outgoing mass email, you can continue to personalize your messages using Merge Fields.


Admin + Permissions

Top Echelon Network

  • If you’re a member of our split placement network, you can share Jobs to the Split Jobs database right from Top Echelon Recruiting Software.
  • You can also share candidates to split Jobs from the Network Activity card on any Candidate record, or from any list.
  • Clicking on Network in the top left corner of the Main Navigation Bar will take you directly to your Network login to run Mega searches, view recruiter profiles, search Split Jobs, view the Discussion Forum, etc.