Top Echelon Recruiting Software Navigation Features

In this article, we’ll review several of the basic navigation features in Top Echelon Recruiting Software that make it easy and user friendly to move around the software.

Watching videos not your thing? Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to navigate Top Echelon Recruiting Software –  



(1) Top Echelon Recruiting Software Dashboard

  • The main dashboard displays snippets of your account information at a glance, such as:
    • Record counts for People, Company, and Job Order records
    • Recently viewed People, Companies, and Job Orders
    • Recent Notifications

(2)Main Navigation Bar

  • The options in this bar allow you to access the various databases and functions available with the software
    • Top Echelon logo will return you to the main dashboard
    • People, Companies, and Jobs will direct you to the dashboard for that corresponding database
    • Planner will display all Activities logged and scheduled for your selected time frame
    • Email will display recently sent messages along with several other options such as the ability to manage templates and signature files
    • Reports will show a dashboard that allows you to review recently saved and run reports, as well as create new ones

(3) Notification Bell

  • Notifications within Top Echelon Recruiting Software are a way of letting you know when certain actions are completed within the software (i.e. Contact Imports, Exports, Reports, Merges, records added to one of your Pipelines)

(4) Plus Sign Icon

  • Click this icon to add a new Person, Company or Job Order to your database

(5) Quick Find

  • Allows you to quickly look up a specific record when needed
  • You can search for any record type based on a variety of criteria such as name, title, phone number, email address, or location
  • As you start typing, results will begin to populate underneath the Find box

(6) Sidebar

  • Allows access to your Daily Agenda, Pinned Records, Hotlists, Recent Records, Help Center and Settings
  • The Sidebar can be expanded and left open for easy access to these items throughout your workday by clicking the corresponding icon
  • Click the X to close the Sidebar at any time