Top Echelon Recruiting Software Sidebar Functions and Lists

The Sidebar allows for quick access to various Top Echelon Recruiting Software functions and lists. The Sidebar can be expanded and left open for easy access to items throughout your workday, or minimized and tucked away at any time.

The Sidebar is always found in the top right corner of the software.

To expand the Sidebar:

  • Click on the three-dot arrow icon  in the top right corner of Top Echelon Recruiting Software
  • The Sidebar will remain in this expanded view until you choose to minimize it

To minimize the Sidebar:

  • Click the  above the Sidebar icons

The Sidebar is made up of six different icons:

  • Daily Agenda 
    • The Daily Agenda will show all Activities that are due that day, were completed that day, and those that are currently overdue
    • The Daily Agenda also gives you the ability to log or schedule Activities, right from the top of the Sidebar

  • Pinned 
    • The Pinned icon will allow you quick access to all People, Company, and Job Order records that you’ve pinned
      • Think of this as a list of bookmarked records
    • Records can be unpinned from here as well, using the corresponding icon to the right of the record name

  • Hotlists 
    • The Hotlists icon gives you access to view existing Hotlists and the ability to create new Hotlists for People, Company, or Job Order records

  • Recent 
    • Recent will display the 30 most recent records (People/Companies/Jobs), Hotlists, or Searches that you’ve viewed

  • Help 
    • The Help icon gives you access to support tools such as our Getting Started Guide, Help Center, training and webinar information, and product updates
    • You can access the contact information for our support team from here as well 

  • Settings 
    • The Settings icon will open various options that you can adjust for your user seat or agency, if you have the proper access
    • Here you can also access several useful tools such as the Contact Importer or the Chrome Extension