Top Echelon Recruiting Software Text Messaging Overview

Top Echelon Recruiting Software’s text messaging service allows you to subscribe to a dedicated phone number (or multiple) to send texts to candidates and/or contacts through the software. The outgoing messages are logged as Activities to the corresponding record, and when your dedicated number receives any reply texts, the incoming message will be logged to Top Echelon Recruiting Software as well.

Each new number has an associated recurring monthly charge and comes with 250 outgoing text messages per month. This includes unlimited incoming text messages.

Setting Up a Dedicated Texting Number

The first step in setting up your text messaging subscription is to sign up for a dedicated phone number.

Sending and Receiving Text Messages

Once your dedicated number has been established, you can begin sending text messages to candidates and/or contacts through Top Echelon Recruiting Software.

Managing Your Texting Subscription

If you need additional users to manage your text messaging numbers/subscription, you may need to grant them access. Only the main contact on the account has access to this permission by default.

Allowing a User to Send Text Messages as Other Users

Each dedicated phone number will be “assigned” to a specific user on your account. However, with the proper permissions, a user is able to send from someone else’s phone number.

Canceling a Text Messaging Phone Number/Subscription

Each dedicated texting phone number has an associated recurring monthly charge. With the proper permissions, you can cancel a number/subscription at any time through the software.