Top Echelon Recruiting Software Time Zone and Date Settings

There are several places within Top Echelon Recruiting Software that include date and/or time stamps. For example – logging/scheduling Activities, Datasheet modifications, newly entered records, export downloads, etc.

All time and date stamps are written to the software as Coordinated Universal Time (+0:00-UTC). However, the display of these dates and times is always converted to the time zone set on your device.

If you’re working with a team across different time zones, when you log or schedule an Activity in Top Echelon Recruiting Software, that Activity is displayed at the respective local time on each additional user’s calendar.

For example, let’s say my device is set to Cleveland, OH where I live (Eastern Time). If I schedule an activity for 2pm, it will display like this on my device:

If my colleague’s device is set to Chicago, IL where he lives (Central Time), the same activity would display like this on his device: