Top Echelon Recruiting Software Video Library

Welcome to Top Echelon Recruiting Software!

The videos below will get you started on the right track with the features and functionality that Top Echelon Recruiting Software has to offer.

Navigation and Adding Records

Basic Navigation – Let’s start with the basic navigational features in Top Echelon Recruiting Software. Let us show you how easy and user-friendly the software is to navigate.

Adding Records – Adding data with Top Echelon Recruiting Software is easy, because the software provides a number of tools to help you create records quickly.

Emailing Resumes into Top Echelon Recruiting Software – Top Echelon Recruiting Software’s Email Parser allows you to quickly take an email with a resume attached and send or forward it right into your database.

Importing Spreadsheets  – Top Echelon Recruiting Software’s Contact Importer gives you the ability to import spreadsheets and create new records for people, companies, or a combination of the two.

Chrome Extension   Top Echelon Recruiting Software’s Chrome Extension is used as a quick and easy way to parse web pages on the internet.

Record Management

Managing Records – Now that you’ve added People, Company, and/or Jobs to Top Echelon Recruiting Software, let’s take a look at how to manage these records including customization, sorting, and tailor the records to your needs.

Activities – Activities can be created for anything you do to run your desk (calls you make, messages you leave, interviews you schedule, phases in your placement process, etc.) and can be attached to People, Company, or Job Order records. They’ll help you keep track of your daily notes, conversations, and events.


Running a Search – Top Echelon Recruiting Software’s search function allows you to quickly get your hands on a specific group of records. With the Boolean Builder, you can build a more accurate keyword search string for better results in less time.

Managing Search Results – Once you have your search results, you can tweak the way you view the data, preview records, filter or sort your list, modify the search criteria, save the search, and/or take action on the records right from your list of results.


Sending Outgoing Emails – Top Echelon Recruiting Software’s emailer allows you to send outgoing emails right from the database. You can send these as standard emails, or in a mass format.

Logging Incoming Emails – Each user has an unique email address that they can use to assist them in quickly logging incoming emails, regardless of what external email client you’ve chosen to use for your business.


Pipelines – A Pipeline is a list of candidates that are linked to a specific job order. The Pipeline enables a recruiter to quickly see who is being considered for the position and where they stand in the placement process.

Creating and Adding Records to a Hotlist – Hotlists are like online filing cabinets where you can store and categorize records. The Hotlist function gives recruiters quick and easy access to custom lists of People, Company, or Job Order records.

Managing Hotlists – Hotlists give you the ability to create custom lists of People, Company, or Job Order records within Top Echelon Recruiting Software. You have the ability to further group and organize your records within each list through the use of custom Hotlist stages.

Planner – The Planner allows you to keep track of your Activities and see what you need to do within a specific day, week, or month. All Activities created within the software can be found on the Planner.

Business Development Methods – As a recruiter, it’s important that you have a way to track your contacts and/or companies through your sales funnel. Within Top Echelon Recruiting Software, that business development process is best managed through the use of Hotlists.

Reports  -Top Echelon Recruiting Software reports aid in measuring your performance and the performance of your recruiting staff. Tracking key metrics helps users of Top Echelon Recruiting Software identify both areas of strength and areas that need improvement.


Top Echelon Recruiting Software Job Board – Top Echelon Recruiting Software’s Job Board integration allows you to post and advertise jobs on your recruiting website. From there, candidates can apply to your job and then will be available for review on the Pipeline of the job that you’ve posted.

Top Echelon Job Posting – Top Echelon Job Posting allows you to advertise your jobs to various external job board sites around the internet. From there, candidates can apply to your job and then will be available for review on the Pipeline of the job that you’ve posted.