Top Echelon Recruiting Software’s Unsubscribe Feature

In an effort to increase the deliverability of your email being sent out of Top Echelon Recruiting Software, and to comply with the CAN-SPAM ruling of 2003, an Unsubscribe link will automatically be added to all messages with the Email Type of mass, including emails being sent to eleven (11) or more recipients in a single message.

By providing an Unsubscribe link in all bulk emails, we are taking one of many steps to meet industry guidelines and to ensure your emails are being delivered.

The following message will be added to the end of all mass mailing in recruitment to allow recipients to unsubscribe from further email correspondence sent from your firm’s Top Echelon Recruiting Software database:

You may unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive our emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I try to email a recipient from Top Echelon Recruiting Software who had unsubscribed?

A: Top Echelon Recruiting Software will send your bulk message, but will ignore sending to unsubscribe addresses on your behalf

Q: How do I check to see who has unsubscribed from my emails?

A:  Navigate to Email within the Main Navigation Bar and select the Unsubscribed view to review all unsubscribed addresses and corresponding details

Also, an (Unsubscribed) message will appear next to the email address on the person’s record

Q: How can a person re-subscribe to my mailings?

A: From the person’s Datasheet, click the Record Options drop-down and then select Resubscribe to Emails. This will then send the person an email to OPT-IN to your mailings. This should not be done without receiving a verbal or written “ok” from the person first.

The recipient will receive an email like the one below:

Example Email

Subject: Confirm resubscription to [agency name]’s email list


You requested to be re-added to [agency name]’s email list.

To remain unsubscribed, just ignore this message. Otherwise, please click the link below to resume your subscription:

Click Here

If you feel as though this message was in error, you may reply to this email.

When the recipient clicks the click here link in the body of the email, they will be rerouted to a confirmation page