Boolean Searching

Keyword searching in Top Echelon Recruiting Software is driven by Boolean logic. Boolean searching gives you the ability to combine a variety of ‘operators’ with specific keywords or terms to produce more specific and more relevant search results.

Below we’ll outline the different Boolean operators that can be used when keyword searching within Top Echelon Recruiting Software.


AND is a connector that requires all words connected by AND to be present in each record in the results. Use AND to narrow your search.

  • The more words you enter connected by AND, the fewer results you’ll get
  • “Sales Manager” AND marketing AND “call center”


OR is a connector that requires at least one of the terms to be present in each record in the results.  Use OR to expand your search.

  • The more words you enter connected by OR, the more results you’ll get
  • “Sales Manager” OR “Marketing Director”

Parentheses ( ) 

Require the terms and operations that occur inside them to be searched first. This is called “nesting.”

  • “Sales Manager” AND marketing AND (automotive OR manufacturing)
  • Sales AND (Ford OR Chevrolet OR Dodge)

Quotation Marks ” “

Requires words to be searched as a an exact phrase, in the exact order you type them.

  • “Sales Manager”
  • “Mechanical Engineer”

Asterisk *

This expands a search term to include all forms of that root word.  This is called “truncation.”

  • example – patent* retrieves patent, patents, patentable, patented, etc.
  • example – program* retrieves program, programs, programmed, programmer, programming, etc.


AND NOT narrows the search and retrieves records that do not contain the term following it. This operator will eliminate records from your search results.

  • Java AND NOT coffee
  • Engineer AND NOT civil