Business Development Methods

As a recruiter, it’s important that you have a way to track your contacts and/or companies through your sales funnel. Within Top Echelon Recruiting Software, that business development process is best managed through the use of Hotlists.

Hotlists are like online filing cabinets where you can store and categorize records. The Hotlist function gives you quick and easy access to custom lists of People, Company, or Job Order records. You also have the ability to further group and categorize your records within each list through the use of custom Hotlist categories.

For business development purposes, you can create one Hotlist record that contains each category (step) within your sales funnel.

To create a business development Hotlist:

  • Expand the Sidebar in the top right corner of the software and click on the Hotlist icon 
  • Click on the plus sign icon to the right of the record type you wish to create a Hotlist for
    • You must decide if you want to manage your sales funnel at a contact (people) level or at a company level
    • Some people choose to create a people Hotlist and manage their sales funnel at a contact level for mass emailing purposes

  • Give your Hotlist a Name
  • Select whether this list will be specific to You or shared with your Agency
    • You = only viewable by the user who created the Hotlist
    • Agency = can be viewed by ALL users on the account
  • Click the Create Hotlist button when complete

  • You can now access this newly created hotlist from the Hotlist icon in the Sidebar at any time

To create the categories of your Hotlist:

  • Navigate to your business development Hotlist by selecting it within the Sidebar
  • Click the Edit link in the top left corner of the Hotlist

  • Rename the “New” category by clicking in the corresponding text box and entering the first category within your business development process
  • To add the additional categories to your process, click the +Add Category button at the bottom of the list
  • Click the Save button when you are done entering all categories of your sales funnel

Click here to learn how to add records to your new Hotlist

  • As your prospects move from one category to another, you can move them using the Current Category column and selecting the category you wish to move the record to from the drop-down