Change Your Top Echelon Recruiting Software Login Email

Your email address is used as your username when signing into Top Echelon Recruiting Software. This email address is also set as the default ‘from’ address when sending outgoing email through the software.

To change your login email:

  • Expand the Sidebar in the top right corner of the software and click on the Settings icon 
  • Click to expand the My Account section and then select My Profile

  • Locate the Contact Info card on the left side of the page
  • Click the Change button to the right of your current Email

  • When prompted, enter the new email address you wish to use
  • Click the Continue button when complete

  • To confirm the change, enter your Top Echelon Recruiting Software password
  • Click the Confirm button when complete

  • A verification email will be sent to your new address
  • You will need to click the link within the body of the verification email to confirm the change

  • Next time you sign in to Top Echelon Recruiting Software, make sure to enter this newly saved Email address in the corresponding field