Completing Activities from the Planner

The Planner allows you to keep track of your Activities and see what you need to do within a specified time frame. The Planner also allows you to complete Activities in an individual or mass format as you work through your list of to-dos for that day/week/etc.

To complete an individual Activity from the Planner:

  • Click the check mark icon to the right of the Activity you wish to complete

  • The Edit Scheduled Activity window will appear with the Completed box already checked
  • Add any additional details and then click the Save button
    • If you need to schedule an additional follow-up call from here, use the Save & Add Follow-up button instead

  • Strike-through text will indicate that Activity is now complete

To complete multiple Activities at one time:

  • Use the check boxes to the left of each Activity to select the appropriate entries

  • Click to open the Select an Action drop-down menu at the top of the Planner and select Complete Selected Activities