Copying Records From One Pipeline To Another

A Pipeline is a list of candidates that are linked to a specific job order. The Pipeline allows you to quickly see who is being considered for the position and where they stand in the placement process. Records can be copied from one Pipeline to another at any time. For example, if you have a new Job Order that’s very similar to one you’ve already entered in the past.

To copy records from one Pipeline to another:

  • Navigate to the corresponding Pipeline
  • Check the boxes to the left of the records you wish to copy

  • Click to expand the Select an Action drop-down at the top of the list and select Add Selected to a Pipeline

  • Find and select the appropriate Job Order(s) you wish to copy the records to
    • The list will default to show your Open Jobs (Job records where you are listed as the Record Owner)
    • Select All Open Jobs if you wish to view a list of your entire firm’s Open Job Order records
    • You can also utilize the Find box to locate the appropriate record(s)

  • Once you’ve selected the appropriate Job Order(s), select the corresponding Stage you wish to drop them into
  • Click the Save button