Creating an Email Template

Email Templates are just one way that Top Echelon Recruiting Software can help save you time and increase your productivity throughout the day. Create and save messages that you send frequently, so you can easily reuse them whenever you want. The body of the template can always be edited, if necessary, within the email compose window before the message is sent out.

Template visibility can be restricted to only the creator, or shared with all users on your account.

To create a new Email Template:

  • Navigate to Email within the Main Navigation Bar
  • Click the Manage Templates link on the left side of the page

Note: you can also access the Manage Email Templates page through Settings within the Sidebar or Main Navigation Bar

  • From the Manage Templates page, click the Create New Template button in the top right corner

  • Enter all details in the panel
    • Give the new Template a Name
    • Set the appropriate From Address 
      • Selecting Unspecified will always default to the address of the person who is composing the email/using the Template
    • Enter an Email Subject line and then enter the desired text in the body of the message. Recruitment email subject lines are important, so make sure your message is engaging enough for clients and candidates to open your email.
  • If you want this Template to be shared with all other users on your account, flip the Share With Agency toggle to YES
  • When complete, click the Save button

After your template is created, you’ll have the ability to apply it to any new email moving forward:

  • Within the email compose window, click the Select a Template link to select the appropriate message to apply

Click here to learn more about editing an existing Email Template