Disabling Pop-Up Blockers

If you are receiving notifications about pop-ups being blocked in Top Echelon Recruiting Software, you will need to allow the pop-ups in your browser, just for the Top Echelon/Top Echelon Recruiting Software site. The most typical pop-up you’ll find in Top Echelon Recruiting Software is involved with the email functionality.

Here are instructions for the most common browsers, and how to disable the pop up blocker.

Internet Explorer

Firefox (Mozilla)

Google Chrome


  • From the main Safari menu, click on Preferences and then select the Security tab
  • Uncheck the Block pop-up windows if you wish to allow pop-up
    • To block pop-ups, check the Block pop-up windows box
    • Please note: Safari has no per-website control over blocking pop-up window. They are either blocked altogether, or they are not.