Emailing All Recruiters Who Are Working Your Job

After sharing a Job to the Network, you’ll notice a new Working Your Job card on the Job’s Datasheet. This card will display all of the Network members who have expressed interest in working this position. You will be notified when this happens as well.

This card will display the Recruiter info, counts of candidates they shared to this Job, along with the date they started working it.

If you have an update on the Job or additional information you wish to share with those who are working it, you can also take advantage of the “email all” function in the top right corner of the card.

To email all recruiters who are working your Job:

  • Navigate to the corresponding Job’s Datasheet
  • Locate the Working Your Job card
  • Click the Email icon in the top right corner of the card

  • A new email compose window will open, automatically addressed to the corresponding recruiters in a mass (blinded) format