Engagement Stats

Engagement Stats attempt to help you know how your email messages perform.  The stats in this area can help you take immediate action with given recipients and/or make decisions about the content and timing of subsequent messages.  Clicking on the number beside each engagement stat will display the corresponding recipients in the Recipients card.

Number Actually Sent – Indicates the number of emails that were attemped.  Top Echelon Recruiting Software never sends to previously bounced email addresses, DNE or unsubscribed addresses, or addresses that previously reported any message from your firm as spam.

Hard Bounces – There was a permanent error with delivery to these messages. This happens when the address provided is not valid, or does not exist.

Unique Opens – These recipients appear to have opened your message. **

Unique Clicks – These recipients appear to have clicked a link in your message. **

New Unsubscribes -These recipients unsubscribed to emails from your firm based on this message.  Your firm will no longer be able to email these recipients.

New Spam Reports – These recipients reported this message as spam.  Your firm will no longer be able to email these recipients.

**Note on Open and Clicks

  • There are many factors that can skew these numbers higher or lower.  Here are some of those factors to consider:
    • The recipient doesn’t have image auto-loading enabled. Many web, desktop, and mobile email clients block this by default.
    • The recipient is using an app that blocks email tracking. Ghostery and PixelBlock are extensions that can block email opens from being reported.
    • The recipient’s email client renders a preview. Some email clients render images as a preview, and will trigger email open false positives.
    • Some enterprise security systems will block emails w/ open tracking pixels or tracked links.