Email Parse Log

Top Echelon Recruiting Software’s Email Parser allows you to quickly take an email with a resume attached and send or forward it right into your database. The software accomplishes this by assigning a unique parse address to each user.

If you’re interested in reviewing the specific results of the resumes sent to your unique parse address, you can do so in Top Echelon Recruiting Software’s Email Parse Log. The Parse Log allows you to view the most recent 100 messages sent to your parse email address along with the corresponding results.

Possible results include:

  • Created – The corresponding resume was parsed and a new record was created for that person
  • Updated – The parser found a duplicate and re-parsed/updated the existing record
  • Failed – Unreadable Text (Image-Based Resume) – The parser was not able to find any text in the resume because the document was image-based rather than text-based. The parser is not able to recognize words within a picture.
  • Failed – Duplicate Found– The attachment contained information that you already had in your database. As a result, no new information was entered in Top Echelon Recruiting Software for that file
  • Failed – No Name Found– The parser was not able to recognize the person’s name, so the record could not be added. This is often caused by the formatting/positioning of the person’s name relative to their address block.
  • Failed – Duplicate Found – Not Permitted to Edit – The parser found a duplicate record but you do not have permission to edit the existing record
  • Failed – Not Permitted to Add People – You do not have permission to add People records. Please contact your manager for assistance.
  • Failed – Upload Error – There was an error with the upload (most commonly, the file was too large (>8MB) or the file type was not supported)

To review your Email Parse Log:

  • Expand the Sidebar in the top right corner of the page and click on the Settings icon 
  • Click to expand the Email section and select Email Parse Log

  • This page will display the most recent 100 messages that were sent to your unique parse address
    • You can also review the corresponding subject, the address that it was sent from, and the date/time it was received
    • Items highlighted in red indicate some sort of error or failure within that email

  • To review the detailed results, click the arrow icon to the left of the corresponding message