Emailing a Candidate’s Resume or Datasheet

A Candidate’s Current Resume, Datasheet, and/or Blind Datasheet can be sent as an email attachment directly from your Top Echelon Recruiting Software database.

A Datasheet is a printer-friendly version of the record information. The Datasheet includes most of the record information but leaves out some internal tracking information such as Pipelines, Completed Activities, or Open Activities. A Blind Datasheet also leaves off the Candidate’s contact information. Both the Blind and the regular Datasheet include the Submitting Agency’s information at the bottom.

To email a Candidate’s Resume or Datasheet from Top Echelon Recruiting Software:

  • Navigate to the corresponding person’s Datasheet
  • Click to expand the Record Options drop-down and make the appropriate selection from the menu

  • The New Email window will open with selected document(s) attached
    • Click on the link under the Attachments header to preview the document
  • Compose the email, add any additional details, and click the Send Email button when complete

You can also attach a Resume or Datasheet directly from any New Email window at any time within Top Echelon Recruiting Software.

To do so:

  • Navigate to a New Email window
  • Click on the Add Attachment link

  • From the Add Attachment window, you can select a Local File from your hard drive or select a document from your people database by clicking on the My People tab
  • Select or search for the appropriate person and click to expand the attachments available
  • From there, click the Attach button for all corresponding documents you wish to attach and send with your email
  • Click the Confirm button when complete