Getting Started – Top Echelon Network

Welcome to Top Echelon Network!

Click through the links below for step-by-step instructions on each corresponding topic. These will help get you started on the right track with the features and functionality that Top Echelon Network has to offer.

Now that that’s out of the way, here are our recommended guides for the features available in the new version:

Adding and Sharing Candidates

  • Adding Candidates
  • Sharing a Candidate Directly
    • Using the Share Button – Submit candidates directly to your trading partners’ Network Jobs, right through the system
  • Sharing your Candidates via the Network Candidates Database
  • Checking the Status of Candidates You’ve Submitted

Adding and Sharing Job Orders

  • Adding a Job Order
  • Sharing your Jobs to the Network and TEN Jobs Feed
  • Reviewing Candidates Submitted to Your Job

Searching for Network Candidates

  • Searching for Candidates via the Network Candidates Database
    • Searching for and Requesting Network Candidates (3m 53s) – Take a look at what other recruiters have available in their database, and then request them for your position. You’ll receive accepted requests directly in your job’s pipeline.
  • Setting Up Alerts for New Candidates 
    • Network Candidate Alerts – Set up automated searches to notify you when new Network Candidate resumes are added to the database

Searching and Working Network Jobs

  • Searching the Network Jobs Database
    • Searching Network Jobs (1m 47s) – The Network Jobs feature allows you to search, review, and work other TEN members’ Jobs directly through a typical Job search
    • Working Network Jobs – “Work” Network Jobs that interest you for quick access and better communication and updates
  • Setting Up Alerts for New Jobs
    • Network Job Alerts – Set up automated searches to notify you when new Network Jobs are shared

Searching for Network Trading Partners

  • Searching for Network Recruiters

Reporting Network Placements

  • Reporting a Top Echelon Network Split Placement
    • Reporting a Network Placement – When a Network Candidate accepts an offer and has a confirmed start date, the Job Recruiter is required to complete a Network Placement Form