Logging Placements

Placement Forms in Top Echelon Recruiting Software allow you to record and track important details for your filled job orders. When filed consistently, they also allow for Placement Reporting, which gives you the ability to compare key metrics, such as total fees by user and by company. In addition, you’ll also have the ability to review other important placement details in the future, like your firm’s average fee, time to fill, and source reporting.

To log a placement in Top Echelon Recruiting Software:

  • Navigate to the corresponding Job Order’s Pipeline
  • Make sure that the candidate’s Current Stage is updated to Placement

  • Switch to the Placements view and click the Fill Out Form button

  • The Placement Form will open on the right side of the page
    • Some details will auto-populate based on information entered on the Job’s Datasheet
  • Complete all other required fields (indicated by a red asterisk *) and click the Save button when complete
    • Please note that a Start Date is required for the placement details to display in Placement Reports

  • Select which pieces of information (if any) you wish to update on Candidate’s record

  • Select whether or not you wish to update the Job Order status

  • The new placement details will populate in the corresponding columns within the Pipeline’s Placements view

Click here to learn how to edit or delete an existing Placement Form

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