Managing Hotlists

In this article, we will look at managing Hotlists in Top Echelon Recruiting Software. Hotlists are like online filing cabinets where you can store and categorize records. The Hotlist function gives you quick and easy access to custom lists of People, Company, or Job Order records. You also have the ability to further group and organize your records within each list through the use of custom Hotlist categories.

Click here to learn how to create and add records to a Hotlist

To access a Hotlist:

  • Expand the Sidebar in the top right corner of the software and click on the Hotlist icon 
  • The 20 most recently modified Hotlists will be displayed for each record type
  • Click on the name of the Hotlist you wish to view or use the Find box to locate the appropriate list by name
    • Toggle between Shared Hotlists and My Hotlists at the top of the Sidebar

Categories are used to organize records within a Hotlist. Each Hotlist can have its own custom categories.

To create a new category:

  • Click the +Add a New Category link at the top of the Hotlist
  • Give your new category a Name
  • Press the Enter key on your keyboard to save your new Hotlist category

To move a record to a different category:

  • Navigate to the Current Category column
  • Select the category you wish to move the record to from the drop-down

To edit your Hotlist name, owner, visibility, or categories:

  • Click the Edit link in the top left corner of the Hotlist

  • Edit the Hotlist Name, Owner, and/or visibility at the top of the Edit screen
    • If you want this Hotlist to be shared with all other users on your account, check the box to Share with Agency

  • You can also add, edit, reorder, or delete Hotlist categories from this page
    • To add a new category – click the Add Category button at the bottom of the list
    • To delete a category – click the trash icon to the right of a category name
      • If you have records in that corresponding category, you’ll be asked to select which category you want those records moved to
      • Please Note: this is a permanent action and cannot be undone
    • To edit a category name – click in the text box of the category you wish to edit and many any necessary changes
    • To reorder categories – click and hold the icon to the left of a category name to drag it to the appropriate place on the list
  • Click the Save button in the bottom left corner of the page to save all changes on the Edit screen

To take an action on your Hotlist records:



Customize the way you’re viewing the data within your Hotlist through the use of view preferences and sorting columns