Mass Deleting Records From a List

Top Echelon Recruiting Software gives you the ability to delete multiple People, Company, or Job Order records at once from any Search Results list, Hotlist, or Pipeline. Before performing a Mass Delete, you’ll want to double check that you have the correct records selected prior to taking action.

All deleted records will initially be transferred to the Deleted Records section before they are permanently deleted. A permanent delete occurs after 30 days in Deleted Records and is a final action that cannot be undone.

To perform a Mass Delete from a list:

  • Navigate to any Search Results list, Hotlist, or Pipeline
  • Check the boxes next to those records you would like to delete, or select the top checkbox to select the entire page or list
  • Click on the Action Menu icon
  • Select Delete from Database

how to delete from database in Top Echelon Recruiting Software

  • Click Delete when prompted if you are sure that you want to delete these records

delete records confirmation