Mass Logging/Scheduling Activities

Activities can be created for anything you do to run your desk, and can be attached to People, Company, or Job Order records. They’ll help you keep track of your daily notes, conversations, and events.

Activities can be logged to document completed actions such as phone conversations, emails, etc. They can also be used to schedule follow-ups or reminders for future dates/times as well. All of your scheduled and completed activities will flow to your Planner, where you can manage them day-to-day. They can also be logged one at a time, or in a mass format.

To log/schedule activities for multiple records at once:

  • Navigate to a list within Top Echelon Recruiting Software such as search results, a Hotlist, or a Pipeline
  • Select the check boxes to the left of the records you wish to relate to the Activity
  • Click to expand the action icon at the top of the list
  • Choose either Log Activities or Schedule Activities

  • Enter all corresponding details when the Activity window opens
    • You will see all selected records within the Records section
  • Click the corresponding Log or Schedule button at the bottom when complete

  • When logging or scheduling an Activity for a list of multiple records, an individual Activity will be logged for each related record on their corresponding Datasheet and within the Planner

For more information on the Planner, please click here to view the article