Network Candidates Overview

The Network Candidates feature allows you to request and receive other TEN members’ candidates directly through a typical People Search. From there, the candidate owner can easily accept the trading partner’s request and send their candidate directly to the Job’s Pipeline.

Watching videos not your thing? Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to utilize the Network Candidate database –  

To request a Network Candidate:

  • Start by running a People search
  • From the results page, click on the Network Candidates view at the top of the list

  • To request an individual candidate, click the Request icon to the right of their information

search and request candidates in ATS

  • To request multiple candidates, select the records you wish to request using the checkboxes to the left of each name
    • Please note that you may only request up to 100 candidates at a time
  • Click to expand the action icon at the top of the list and select Request Candidates

select & request candidates in ATS

To review your pending requests:

  • Navigate to People in the Main Navigation Bar and click on the Requests Sent view
  • Each line in this view will represent a pending request that has not yet been accepted or declined

To respond to a Candidate Request:

  • All pending Network Candidate Requests will include a Notification. Requests can be handled in one of two ways.
  • (1) On the requested Candidate’s Network Activity cardthe candidate can be accepted or declined through the Share Candidate or Decline Request icons, respectively

  • (2) On the Requests Received view of the People Dashboard, the Request can be accepted or declined through the icons in the Decision column

To review an Accepted Network Candidate Share:

  • All accepted Requests will automatically be added to the Inbox Stage of the corresponding Job’s Pipeline, as well as the Candidate Inbox view on the People Dashboard