Notifications within Top Echelon Recruiting Software are a way of letting you know when certain actions are completed within the software. Actions that solicit notifications may include:

You have the ability to determine which actions will trigger bell notifications within the software itself and which will trigger email notifications via the Manage Notifications page in your account settings. For more information on managing these settings, click here.

To review notifications in the software:

  • Locate the bell icon in the top right corner of the software
  • A number in a small red box should appear in the top right corner to alert you of any new notifications

  • Clicking on the notifications bell will clear the red number and display your 10 most recent notifications and links to review the completed actions
    • Notifications with a shaded background represent those that have not yet been viewed (clicked on) from this window
    • Notifications with a white background represent those have have been previously viewed (clicked on) from this window

  • To designate the entire list of notifications as ‘viewed’, click the Mark all as Read link in the top right corner of the notification window

  • To view more than the 10 most recent Notifications, click the See All Notifications link at the bottom of the list
  • This page will allow you to review all of your Notifications from the past 30 days
  • To filter your notifications, check or un-check the appropriate boxes from the left side of the page and then click the Filter Type button

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