Outlook Add-In: Creating New Records

If you receive an email from a new candidate or contact (that you do not already have in your database), use the Add-In to create a new People records without ever leaving your email client.

To create a new Person record using the Outlook Add-In:

  • Click the Top Echelon logo to attempt to locate the sender in your agency’s Top Echelon Recruiting Software database
    • If  you “pin” the add-in, it will automatically load each time a message is opened to check to see if you know the sender
  • If no matches are found the add-in will return a message stating “No Person Record Found” and present you with the following options:
    • Manually create the new record by clicking the Create
      • This will open up a short data entry screen to allow you to enter the Person’s contact information and type
      • The Add-In will attempt to extract the name, email addresses, and phone numbers out of the body of the message if possible
    • Parse a resume attachment by clicking the Parse button next to the corresponding file name
      • If there happens to be more than one document attached, the Add-In will list them all with the Parse option next to each file name
      • After clicking the button, the file will be parse and the new record will be created and presented to you
  • If you think that you do actually have the sender in your database, you’ll want to use the Find a Matching Person Record field to double-check for yourself
    • It’s possible that the sender may have changed emails, had a name change, or used a nickname instead of their full name