Outlook Add-In: Logging Messages

The Add-In makes it easy to log incoming and outgoing emails from your Outlook account back to the corresponding records in your Top Echelon Recruiting Software database.

To log emails from Outlook:

  • Click the Top Echelon logo to locate the sender in your agency’s Top Echelon Recruiting Software database
    • If  you “pin” the add-in, it will automatically load each time a message is opened to check to see if you know the sender
  • The add-in will search your database to see if you have a record with the sender’s email address and/or matching name
    • It will usually return with the correct person and you can proceed to the next step below
    • If it returns the wrong person, click the wrong person link, under the name.
      • Use the Find a Matching Person Record box to find the correct match
      • The sender may have changed emails, changed their name, or used a nickname instead of their full name
  • Click the Log button

  • As you log the email, you’ll be provided with options to:
    • Set the Activity Type if you’d prefer to log the message as something other than the Email Incoming default
      • NOTE: for messages that you sent, the Activity Type will default to Email Outgoing
    • Add any other Related Records that may need to be included when logging message (People, Company, and/or Job records)
    • Edit the body of the message (extraneous spacing can occur from formatting in some cases)
  • Click the green Log button

  • If you wish to see additional detail on the corresponding person’s record, click the View button to open a browser window to load the sender’s Datasheet within Top Echelon Recruiting Software