People Dashboard

The People Dashboard gives you the ability to run a search within your database of People records, but also gives you snippets of additional information in regards to this record type.

To navigate to the People Dashboard:

  • Click on People in the Main Navigation Bar

  • On the left side of the People Dashboard you’ll find a record summary
  • This box gives you a running tally of the total number of People records within your database, as well as the total number of People records added that week (Sunday – current day)
    • My People section only refers to records that have you assigned as the Record Owner
    • All People section refers to all People records in the database, regardless of owner
  • Clicking any of the numbers in this box will run a corresponding search for that statistic

  • In the middle of the People Dashboard you’ll see two different view options:
    • The New People view is a list of the 20 most recently added People records based on your selected User
    • The Candidate Inbox view allows you to review and make decisions on candidates in the Inbox stage of all your Open Jobs, as well as candidates that have submitted their resume through your Job Board
  • An Owner drop-down in the top left corner will allow you to filter the current view by User (Record Owner)
  • You can sort the lists by clicking on the column header of the criteria you wish to sort by

  • To take an action on one or more of the records displayed on the People Dashboard, check the corresponding boxes to the left of their name(s)
  • Click to expand the action icon to take one of the following actions on your selected records:
    • New People view – Email, Add to Hotlist, Add to Pipeline, Schedule Activities, Log Activities, Export to Spreadsheet, Delete from Database
    • Candidate Inbox view – Add to Hotlist, Add to Pipeline, Delete from Database