Person Type

Within Top Echelon Recruiting Software, the People database houses all of your Candidate and Contact records. The Person Type field on all People records helps you to label each one appropriately. When selecting a type, you can choose from the following: Candidate, Prospect, Referral, Contact, Hiring Authority, Recruiter, Other, or Source.

A person can be labeled with one or more type. You’ll want to make sure you always label your people appropriately with this field if you wish to search on the Person Type field in the future.

When parsing a new resume, that person is automatically set to be a Candidate by default.

To change a Person’s type:

  • Navigate to the corresponding Person’s Datasheet
  • Locate the Miscellaneous card
  • Click the pencil icon in the top right corner of the card to inline edit the Type selection(s)

edit a job applicant experience and information

  • Check the corresponding box or boxes that relate to that Person
  • Click the Save button when complete

miscellaneous information and type is highlighted with hiring authority and contact

adding employees by type and contact information in Top Echelon Recruiting Software

To search on the Person Type field

  • Navigate to the People Dashboard and click on the Advanced Search link

advanced people search in ATS software

  • Locate the Miscellaneous card and check the corresponding Person Type that you wish to search
    • Selecting multiple checkboxes would result in performing an OR search
    • For example, show me all People who are designated as a Contact OR a Hiring Authority

miscellaneous information and record types in job recruitment software