Posting a Job to Your Website

Once your Job Board has been successfully added to your website, you’ll first need to know how to post a Job from within Top Echelon Recruiting Software.

There are three places where a Job can be posted within the software:

  • Job Order add screen
  • Jobs Dashboard
  • Advertise Card on a Job Order Datasheet

Please note that the ability to post Jobs to your Job Board is restricted to only those users with the proper permissions.

Option #1: To advertise a Job from the add screen:

  • Click the plus sign icon  in the upper right corner of the software and then select Add a Job

  • Enter the Job Order information into the corresponding fields
    • Note: a Job Description of at least 35 characters is required to advertise a Job on your website
  • Once all of your Job information is entered, look to the bottom right corner for the Advertise area and check the box to the left of Job Board before clicking the Save button in the bottom left corner of the page


Option #2: To advertise a Job from the Jobs Dashboard:

  • Navigate to the Jobs Dashboard and locate the Job Order you wish to advertise in the Open Jobs view
  • Click on the gray “…” icon in the Advertising column to the far right of the corresponding Job details
  • An Advertise window will appear
  • Click the Post link to the right of the Job Board option to advertise the job on your website
  • Close the Advertise window when finished


Option #3: To advertise a Job from the Datasheet:

  • Navigate to the corresponding Job’s Datasheet and locate the Advertise card
  • Click the Post link to the right of the Job Board option