04/24/2018 – Top Echelon Recruiting Software Product Updates

At Top Echelon, we’re continually working to make Top Echelon Recruiting Software the best that it can be. That’s why we’re pleased to present the latest updates and upgrades to the software as of 4/24/18:

1. We’ve added functionality to custom fields. You now have the ability to re-order and move fields into new custom cards. This allows for even further customization of your Datasheets. 

2. We’ve added functionality to Email Incoming and Email Outgoing Activities. You can now:

  • Relate additional records to Email Activities.
  • View the corresponding Email Subject within Email Activities.
  • Edit the Activity Type for Email Activities

3. You now have the ability to post to a company LinkedIn page through the Top Echelon Recruiting Software Job Board.

4. When running a keyword search for People records, the keywords are now highlighted in resumes on the Record Preview. This makes it quicker to review your matching candidates.