Quick Notes

Top Echelon Software gives you the ability to document important comments as a Quick Notes in the Timeline of People, Company, and Job Datasheets.

These notes are date, time, and user stamped for tracking and display in the corresponding record’s history. 

To log a Quick Note:

  • Click the Add Quick Note button in the top right corner of the pane

  • The Add Quick Note window will open where you can log your corresponding details
  • Click the Save button when complete

  • Once saved, the Quick Note will be date, time, and user stamped and displayed in the Timeline of that record moving forward

  • Easily edit or delete a Quick Note by selecting it from within the Timeline
    • Please note that deleting a Quick Note is a final action and cannot be undone

  • You can also use the Filter icon in the top left corner of the pane to customize what’s displayed in your Timeline