Reordering Cards on a Datasheet

All People, Company and Job Order Datasheets are broken up into sections of information called “cards”. Cards can be reordered to customize the layout of your Datasheets. You’ll want to organize your cards in an order that is most important to you and your workflow.

After moving a card on a Datasheet, that card will remain in that same place for all records within that corresponding database moving forward. For example, if you were to move the Work History card to the top left corner of a Person’s Datasheet, the Work History card will remain in that position for all People records moving forward.

Datasheet layouts are always user specific, so each user in your firm could have a different card order based on their position and priorities.

Please Note: cards cannot be reordered while working on a mobile phone or tablet

To reorder cards on a Datasheet:

  • Hover your cursor over the top left corner of a card you wish to move
  • Your cursor should change to an open hand icon which allows you to click, hold, and drag the card to a new location on the Datasheet

  • When reordering your cards, think of the Datasheet as three separate columns
    • For example, let’s say that the Open Activities card is currently at the top of the second column

    • If you were to move the Education card to the top of the second column, it will push the Open Activities card down below it