Reporting a Network Falloff

Placement Forms allow you to record and track important details for filled Job Orders. When a Falloff occurs, the Job Recruiter is required to update the corresponding form to notify the Candidate Recruiter and Top Echelon Network.

This will serve as the notification to send refunds, if applicable.

To report a Network Falloff:

  • Locate the corresponding Placement Form from your agency’s Placement Page
    • Note: You can also access the Placement Form from the Placements view of the Job’s Pipeline
  • Click to expand the Placement Preview

  • If the Placement is TEN Finalized (meaning all parties have been paid in full), click the Report Falloff button
  • If the Placement is not TEN Finalized, click the pencil icon to the right of the Placement ID

  • Change the Placement Status to Falloff and then click the Save button at the bottom of the form

  • After saving, you’ll be prompted to share the reason for the Falloff
  • Click the Submit button when complete
  • A Notification will be sent to both the Candidate Recruiter and Top Echelon Network to inform them of the Falloff and corresponding details