Reporting Network Placements

Placement Forms allow you to record and track important details for filled Job Orders. When a Network Candidate accepts an offer and has a confirmed start date, the Job Recruiter is required to complete a Network Placement Form. After saving, this will notify the corresponding Candidate Recruiter and Top Echelon Network.

To report a Network Placement:

  • Navigate to the corresponding Job’s Pipeline
  • Move the appropriate candidate to the Placement stage
    • If the candidate is not yet in the Pipeline, follow these steps to add them directly to the Placement stage

  • When prompted, click the Yes button to fill out the Placement Form
    • You can alternatively use the Fill Out Form button from the Placements view of the Pipeline

  • The Placement Form will open on the right side of the page
  • Make sure to complete all required fields (indicated by a red asterisk *)
  • The Split Placement details will auto-populate based on the Pipeline and Record Source of the corresponding Candidate
  • Click the Save button when complete
    • Upon saving, a Notification will be sent to both the Candidate Recruiter and Top Echelon Network to inform them of the Placement and corresponding details