Requesting an Email Cleanup

Top Echelon Recruiting Software provides the option to request an email cleanup. This validation process is used to identify problematic email addresses in your database, and allows you to decide what you want to do with them.

When requesting an email cleanup through Top Echelon Recruiting Software, you’ll be provided with the option to validate your entire database of email addresses, only your People database, only your Company database, or a specific Hotlist.

Please note that the cost associated with an email cleanup is $.003 per address validated. For that reason, the ability to request an email cleanup is restricted to only those users that have the proper permissions and only one cleanup can be requested at a time.

To request an email cleanup:

  • Expand the Sidebar in the top right corner of the software and click on the Settings icon 
    • You can also get to Settings via the gear icon in the Main Navigation Bar
  • Click to expand the Email section and then select Request Email Cleanup

  • Click the Start an Email Cleanup button in the top right corner of the page

  • Use the drop-down at the top of the page to select the portion of your database you wish to have cleaned
    • You can select from your entire database, all People records, all Company records, or a specific Hotlist
    • If you choose to have a Hotlist cleaned, you’ll then select the list below the drop-down

  • The email cleanup will identify any email address that are Invalid, High Risk, or Fraud and mark them as Invalid
    • This means that Top Echelon Recruiting Software will not send to these addresses moving forward
      • Invalid = this email address is no longer valid
      • High Risk = this email address could severely hurt your sending reputation if mailed to
      • Fraud = this email has been linked to online fraud, chargebacks, or other questionable activity
  • The email cleanup will also identify email addresses that are Disposable, Complainers, or Unknown
    • You will choose what you want to do with those specific email types: do nothing, or mark them as DNE (do not email)
      • Disposable = this email address was used for a very short period of time and then “disposed of”
      • Complainer = this type of email address belongs to a user who marks emails as spam at a high rate
      • Unknown = connection was held with the email server for 30 seconds, but with no response
  • Select what you wish to do with those addresses using the corresponding drop-downs to the right of each type
  • Click the Start Email Cleanup button when complete

  • This will route you back to the cleanup list where you should see your new request listed as queued at the top of the page
  • You’ll also see a slide-out notification in the bottom left corner of the page confirming that the request was submitted

  • Your request will be entered into the queue and you’ll see a new notification  in the top right corner of Top Echelon Recruiting Software once the cleanup is complete