Running a Search

Top Echelon Recruiting Software’s search function allows you to quickly get your hands on a specific group of records. With the Boolean Builder, you can build a more accurate keyword search string for better results in less time.

The good news is that the search interface is consistent across the People, Company, and Job Order databases. So, if you know how to search People records, you can easily do the same for your Company and Job Order searches as well.

Watching Videos Not Your Thing? Below is a Step-by-Step tutorial on how to search records within Top Echelon Recruiting Software – 

To start a new keyword search:

  • Navigate to the corresponding Dashboard within the Main Navigation Bar
    • For this example, we will run a People search

  • Locate the Search bar at the top of the page
  • To begin a new search, create a Boolean string within the Keywords box OR click the link to open the Boolean Builder
    • Top Echelon Recruiting Software searches through the Datasheet fields (not including Activities) and Current Resume when running keyword searches
    • The Boolean Builder will allow you to fill in the various keywords that you’re looking for (separated by commas), while building the string for you
      • One Of These = at least one of the keywords entered in this box must appear on the records in your search results (this will perform an OR search)
      • All Of These = keywords that MUST appear on a record for it to appear in your search results (this will perform an AND search)
      • None Of These = none of the keywords may appear on records, thus eliminating records from your search results (this will perform an AND NOT search)
    • Click the Done button to close the Boolean Builder when complete

  • If applicable, you can also apply a Present Position Title and/or Location before you run your search
  • The Present Position Title (s) field also includes a Boolean Builder to help you build the appropriate string
  • In the Location field:
    • To run a radius search (25 miles by default):
      • Enter a “City, State” OR enter a zip code in the Location field
      • Examples –
        • Cleveland, OH
        • Orlando, FL
        • 44718
    • To run a search by state(s):
      • Enter the full state name(s) OR the abbreviation of the state(s) you wish to search
        • Multiple states or state abbreviations should be separated by a comma
      • Examples –
        • Florida
        • FL
        • OH, PA, VA
        • Ohio, Pennsylvania
  • If you wish to apply additional criteria to your search, click the Advanced link to view the Advanced Search page
  • When you’re ready to run your search and view results, click the Search button