Training Tuesday – A Sneak-Peek at Our Brand-New Privacy Compliance Features

While the European Union and the state of California are the first to pass data privacy laws in the form of their respective GDPR and CCPA regulations, it’s becoming exceedingly likely that we’ll see other states and governments start to pass similar protections when it comes to user data.

As a recruiter, it’s your responsibility to know how the law applies to the candidates with whom you’re working. We at Top Echelon Recruiting Software have released some new features to help ease the path to privacy compliance! Join Top Echelon Training Specialist J.D. Fye for a Training Tuesday webinar to check out some of these new features for your Job Board, including:

  • Displaying your company’s Privacy Compliance policy and contact information
  • Giving candidates the ability to make data requests that can be viewed within Top Echelon Recruiting Software
  • Providing opt-ins on the job application pages for compliance
  • And much more!