Using the ‘Do Not Email’ Option in Top Echelon Recruiting Software

A Do Not Email (DNE) option is present on all People and Company records that contain an email address. The DNE function allows you to disable the email so that you are not able to click on it or send to that email address out of Top Echelon Recruiting Software.

To mark an email as DNE:

  • Navigate to the corresponding Person or Company Datasheet
  • Locate the Contact Information card and click the pencil icon to inline edit the Email Address

  • Click the box to the left of the Do Not Email designation underneath the email address you wish to mark as DNE
  • Click the Save button when complete

  • You’ll see a (Do Not Email) message displayed next to the email address on the person’s record

  • If the recipient is included in any type of mass email sent from the software, Top Echelon Recruiting Software will still send your bulk message but will ignore sending to DNE addresses on your behalf