How to Use Top Echelon Recruiting Software’s Quick Find Function

The Quick Find can always be found in the upper right corner of Top Echelon Recruiting Software, regardless of where you are within the software. This allows you to quickly look up records when needed and is the best way to pull up a specific record on the fly.

To locate a specific record:

  • Click and begin typing in the Find box in the top right corner of the software
    • You can search for any record type (People, Companies, Jobs) based on Name, ID, Title, Location, Phone Number, or Email Address

  • You’ll notice as you start typing, matching results will begin to populate underneath the Find box
    • Matching criteria will be highlighted
  • Click on the appropriate record to view the corresponding Datasheet

Here’s a few examples of how that might look:

Finding by Person Name (First or Last):

Finding by Company Name/Employer:

Finding by Email Address: