Verifying Your Domain

Domain verification allows Top Echelon Recruiting Software to send emails on behalf of your agency more effectively and more reliably.  With a verified domain, your agency “signs off” on the emails it sends through Top Echelon Recruiting Software.  This lets other mail servers know that your agency’s messages are valid and were intentionally sent, not faked (“spoofed”) by some less-than-honorable sender.  This gets your messages to their intended recipients more reliably while also maintaining the integrity of Top Echelon Recruiting Software’s email servers.

In order to verify your domain, you will need to point your DNS towards Top Echelon Recruiting Software so that it will sign off on the emails you send. Read below for more information on how to verify your domain using various domain hosts and platforms.

Please note that the ability to verify your domain is restricted to only the designated Main Contact on your firm’s account. 

We’ll outline the process in a series of steps:

  • Step 1: Obtain your CNAME values from Top Echelon Recruiting Software
    • As the Main Contact, expand the Sidebar in the top right corner of the software and click on the Settings icon 
    • Click to expand the Email section and then select Verify DomainVerify Domain Settings
      • Type your domain name into the appropriate field at the top of this page
        • Please note: only type your domain name, not your full email address (for example,, NOT
      • Click the Next button to generate your CNAME values. You’ll need these for Step 2

  • Step 2: Enter your DNS Values into your Host
    • Log into your domain/email hosting account. If you don’t know who your host is, you can find out via the instructions in this article: Finding My Domain Host
    • From here, adding your CNAME values to your DNS can vary depending on your hosting company. Here are instructions for most common providers:
      • GoDaddy
      • Network Solutions (NetSol)
      • If your hosting provider is not listed above, we recommend contacting their support team for more information. Most hosting companies will help you put these CNAMEs in place or at least provide you with some documentation on how to do so.
  • Step 3: Verify your Domain within Top Echelon Recruiting Software
    • After successfully adding the CNAME values to your host, you’ll want to return to the Verify Domain page to complete the process
    • At the bottom of the page, click on the Verify button
      • If it was successful, your domain will display as “Verified
      • If it was unsuccessful, you may see a few error codes on the screen. This could mean:
        • Not enough time has passed since entering the values into your host. For some domains, the entries may take up to 24-48 hours to update, so we recommend checking in a day or two later to see if the Verify button works.
        • The CNAME values were not entered correctly into your host. You may want to double check or contact their support team.
  • Optional: Verify another Domain
    • If  your agency has additional domains, you can verify those as well, using the Verify another Domain field
    • After verifying a second domain, you’ll be presented with a list the domains on your account
      • To access or delete one of these additional domains, click the domain name
    • The icons to the right of the domain name indicate it’s current status
      • An orange ellipsis (…) indicates pending status
        • This means that the CNAMEs were created, but have yet to be verified
      • A green check indicates the domain is verified and ready to be used